Our Approach

Our Approach is Simple: Passion & Quality

We are passionate about providing the very best quality percale linen, luxurious towelling, and sumptuous bathrobes. To ensure we maintain our standard of quality, we have developed several key systems and services that make our approach succeed.


We are able to cater for customers specific and sometimes changing requirements, providing a personalisation of both the stock and service.


During the laundering process, the linen goes through several quality inspections including the use of ultra-violet light cameras.

Dedicated Stock

Each of our customers has newly purchased dedicated stock, for their exclusive use.


Once deliveries are packed, customers automatically receive an emailed delivery note detailing what they will be getting back. Our fleet has GPS tracking, allowing us to monitor deliveries and provide real-time information when necessary.

Stock Control

The stock is tracked and monitored with the use of RFID chipping, then enables us to ensure quality and availability. 

Award Winning Dedicated Customer Service

Awarded the LCN 2017 & 2018 Best Laundry Customer Service in the UK, our experienced and dedicated customer service team are always ready to ensure our customers are provided the very best customer care.